ZEN FOTO GALLERYより11月21日に発売される写真家須田一政によるミノックスカメラによる作品集。「網膜直結指先目カメラ」。90年代初頭にかけてミノックスカメラで撮影された未発表作品400点以上の作品が収録されています。

“The Mechanical Retina on My Fingertips” by Issei Suda is soon to be released under ZEN FOTO gallery. This photo book is the collection of his work by his “Minox Camera” taken from 1991 till 1992, includes more 400 unreleased work.



It was very challenging task as we printer to reproduce those highly gainy and rather flat works with duo tone, black and grey. Besides we would like to take a look at the front cover and the spine. We use opaque white ink, black&grey and matte varnish on grey colored paper.

It took two round to make it look as if duo tone picture is under transparent shade in opaque white ink. Actually, it is the opaque white which is under black&grey image. The trick is, black and grey plates over white are both in “half tone”.  Furthermore, it took three more rounds to make title on back spine visible by using only opaque white, overall we struggled with very sensitive registration this time.


All those moments sliced by what Suda calls “The Mechanical Retina on My Fingertips” will surely takes readers out of space and time..


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